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Mayhew’s London Prostitutes: I

In 1862, Henry Mayhew published his analysis of the prostitution business in London. It formed a part of his magnificent survey: London Labour and the London Poorextracts from which we continue to publish on this site. We begin the serialisation of his “Prostitution in London” with the index. This will be continuously updated as new sections are added, but in the meantime, it will provide a glimpse of the range of data in his report and the depth in which he studied his topic. The Introduction will be posted immediately.


INDEXKate Hamilton's nighthouse


Seclusives, or those that live in private houses and apartmentsDegree of education amongst prostitutes
Degree of instruction amongst prostitutes compared with the degree of instruction among women not prostitutes, arrested for breaking various laws (London). The city not included
Degree of instruction amongst virtuous women brought up in the police courts for various offences during the years elapsing from 1837 1854 inclusive.
The Convives

Board lodgersSailor’s WomenSoldiers’ women
The happy prostitute
The sensitive, sentimental, weak-minded, impulsive, affectionate girl

Thieves’ womenPark women, or those who frequent the parks at night and other retired places.The dependents of prostitutes
Followers of dress-lodgers
Keepers of accommodation houses
Pimps, panders and Fancy-men
BulliesClandestine prostitutes
Female operatives

Ladies of Intrigue and Houses of Assignation
Cohabitant prostitutes

Narrative of a gay woman at the west end of the metropolis