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A Chronology of London: – Introduction

A Chronology of London: – Introduction
Posted on Jun 14, 2002 – 11:25 AM by Bill McCann

This series will present a basic chronology of London but will also contain references to national events where these are important in the development of the London area. The series has been divided into time blocks which, from the ninth century onwards correspond to individual centuries (years 01 to 00 inclusive). Wherever possible, the precise dates and days of the week on which the events here recorded took place are noted. The series is an organic one and will change frequently as new events or dates are extracted from our sources. The latter are numerous and varied and will be found in our Bibliography Section under the History heading.

This is a basic chronology of the London area with references to major national events in order to place the data for London in some form of political context. Links will cross reference to entries about people, places and events elsewhere on the site. A list of the Monarchs from the Saxon to the modern periods can be found at English Monarchs: Part 3 – Regnal Lists whilst a list of the Emperors of Rome when Britain was a Roman Province has its own page and a list of the Governors of Britannia will appear shortly. There is also a complete list of the Bishops of London from Mellitus to the present incumbent and the complete list of the Lord Mayors can be found here.This Chronology is not exhaustive. It is an organic document which is intended to grow as new entries become available.You can either jump to the chronology for a specific century or scroll through the centuries sequentially by using the following sets of links:

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