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Books about Londoners

Books about Londoners
Posted on Jul 28, 2002 – 03:31 AM by Anthony Waldstock

This is a selective catalogue of books about Londoners which are in print and available from most high-street bookshops and the on-line bookstores. The catalogue is a growing one and more books will be added as they are published. Some out of print books can be found in specialist bookshops and, sometimes, in the major on-line bookstores. If you are having difficulty in finding a particular book, whether in or out of print, we might be able to help you. Contact us for details of our .

1: Samuel Pepys : A Life
Set against such events as the Great Fire of London, the Great Plague, and the return of Charles II to the throne, Stephen Coote’s full-bodied portrait of Pepys brings the man, and his remarkable era, exuberantly to life.
2: The Shorter Pepys
The short Pepys recreates his world for readers daunted by the complete multi-volume set of diaries. Containing about one-third of the original, the abridgment is full enough to give us not just the essence but the detail of Pepys’ daily life. And what a life! Pepys loved it and lived it to the full. There was not a Tavern in London that did not at one time or another wine and dine him and his multitudinous friends and acquaintances nor a theatre that did not entertain him. The, of course, he also had a eye for “a pretty wench”!

3: Longitude

This is the dramatic human story of an epic scientific quest and of John Harrison’s forty-year obsession with building his perfect timekeeper, known today as the chronometer. Here is all the heroism, chicanery, brilliant and absurd that marked Harrison’s dealing with the Ministry.

4: Christopher Marlowe (Longman Critical Readers)

A collection of critical essays which together take an in depth look at every aspect of the Marlowe Phenomenon: his life, character, works and death.

5: The Reckoning

Nicholl recreates a world of shadows and double meaning in a fascinating and ingenious investigation and gives us an extraordinary portrait of Marlowe.

6: A Dead Man in Deptford

A splendidly atmospheric re-creation of the life of Elizabethan playwright and poet Christopher Marlowe. Burgess delves into the controversy that has circulated for ages about Marlowe to paint a picture of a man who was at once genius and bad boy.