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December Week 4

December Week 4
Posted on Jun 10, 2002 – 06:43 AM by Bill McCann

This page provides daily updates on past events and anniversaries during the Final week of December. The events included are those that either happened in London or had an effect, one way or another, on the lives of Londoners.

Daily updates on Events during the Final week
Below are the events and anniversaries for this week both about London and Londoners and Outside London.The archive for these pages has been arranged in a series of monthly Digests. To speed up navigation, these have been further divided into four weekly instalments. These pages are all comprehensively interlinked.Each Section has its own background page which provides additional and in-depth information about many of the events and people in the daily listings. They are intended to both amuse and inform and can be found at Gazette Briefings and Historical Anecdotes .Links to the anniversaries and events in the other weeks of the month are given in the following table whilst links to the other months of the year can be found at the bottom of the page.First WeekSecond WeekThird WeekLondon and Londoners22nd
1428, Wednesday December 22, Birth of Richard Neville Warwick, 2nd earl of Salisbury.
1696, Tuesday December 22, Birth of the founder of Savannah, general James Edward Oglethorpe, in London.
1907, Sunday December 22, Birth of the actress Peggy Ashcroft.
1943, Wednesday December 22, Death of the writer and artist Beatrix Potter.
1965, Tuesday December 22, Death of the broadcaster Richard Dimbleby.23rd
1688, Tuesday December 23, James II escaped to France.
1690, Tuesday December 23, John Flamsteed, first Astronomer Royal, discovered Uranus.
1732, Saturday December 23, Birth of the inventor Richard Arkwright.
1813, Thursday December 23, Another great freeze began and lasted until well into February.
1834, Tuesday December 23, Architect Joseph Hansom patented his ‘safety cab’, better known as the Hansom cab.
1905, Saturday December 23, The Aldwych Theatre was opened as part of the Waldorf development.
1909, Thursday December 23, Birth of the actor Maurice Denham.
1922, Saturday December 23, The British Broadcasting Corporation began daily news broadcasts.24th
1453, Monday December 24, Death of the composer John Dunstable.
1515, Monday December 24, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey was appointed Lord Chancellor of England.
1545, Thursday December 24, Henry VIII made his last speech to Parliament.
1599, Monday December 24, Edward Alleyn acquired a lease on plot in Golden Lane for the Fortune Theatre.
1724, Thursday December 24, Benjamin Franklin arrived in London.
1798, Monday December 24, England and Russia signed the second Anti-French Coalition.
1863, Thursday December 24, Death of the novelist W M Thackeray.
1890, Wednesday December 24, The Horniman Museum,Forest Hill first opened to the public.
1904, Saturday December 24, The Coliseum, St Martin’s Lane opened. It was the largest and most advanced theatre in London at the time but flopped and closed in 1906.
1961, Sunday December 24, Death of the writer Frank Richards, creator of Billy Bunter.
1994, Saturday December 24, Death of the dramatist John Osborne.25th
597, Wednesday December 25, England adopted the Julian Calendar.
1066, Monday December 25, William the Conqueror was crowned at Westminster Abbey.
1583, Wednesday December 25, Birth of the composer Orlando Gibbons.
1652, Saturday December 25 , The Puritan government ordered all Churches to remain closed on Christmas day.
1739, Tuesday December 25, On Christmas day, Londoners woke up to find the Thames frozen and the beginning of another “Great Frost” which would last until February 17th.26th
1307, Tuesday December 26, Much against his will but left with little choice, Edward II wrote to the pope to say that the matters concerning the Templars would be expedited in “the quickest and best way”. He then instructed that the English Templars be arrested on the following January 10th.
1561, Sunday December 26, Lord Ambrose Dudley was created Earl of Warwick
1594, Thursday December 26, A Court payment to Chamberlain’s Men is the first record that Shakespeare was a member of the company.
1606, Friday December 26, William Shakespeare’s King Lear was performed at court for James I.
1610, Wednesday December 26 , Robert Carr, the Viscount of Rochester and intimate favourite of James I, was married to Lady Frances Howard. He was created Earl of Somerset to raise him to his wife’s rank.
1659, Monday December 26, In the face of growing anarchy parliament agreed to move for the Restoration of Charles II.
1716, Wednesday December 26, Birth of the poet Thomas Gray.
1797, Tuesday December 26, Death of the politician, Lord Mayor of London and journalist John Wilkes.
1913, Friday December 26, A large Hippodrome was opened at Golders Green as a variety hall to take advantage of the newly arrived tube.27th
1538, Friday December 27, Cardinal Reginald Pole was sent by Rome to rally Catholic support against Henry VIII.
1546, Monday December 27, The City of London was empowered to take control of St Bartholomew’s Hospital. The Master and chaplain were replaced by a Board whose members were nominated by the City.
1593, Thursday December 27, Edward Alleyn and Sussex’s Men began playing at the Rose Theatre.
1703, Monday December 27, The Methuen Treaty was signed between Portugal and England, giving preference to the import of Portuguese wines into England.
1723, Friday December 27 , The church of St John Clerkenwell, restored by Simon Michel as the Aylesbury chapel of ease and which had been handed to the Church Commissioners and allocated a parish, was consecrated.
1750, Wednesday December 27, A large Norway bear was baited by two large dogs in a booth at Tottenham Court.
1813, Monday December 27, A Great Fog descended on London and lasted until January 3rd.
1834, Saturday December 27, Death of the essayist and critic Charles Lamb.
1867, Friday December 27, The Broadway Theatre, New Cross, the first of many by W G R Sprague, was opened.
1878, Friday December 27, Birth of the actor Sydney Greenstreet.
1897, Monday December 27, The Alexandra Theatre, Stoke Newington, was opened.
1904, Tuesday December 27, James Barrie’s play Peter Pan premiered in London.28th
1065, Wednesday December 28, Westminster Abbey was consecrated in the presence of its founder, the dying William the Confessor.
1594, Saturday December 28, The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare was performed at Gray’s Inn.
1598, Thursday December 28, Burbage’s “The Theatre” in Shoreditch was dismantled and the timbers carried into Southwark to construct the Globe.
1661, Saturday December 28, The political theorist, James Harrington arrested and sent to The Tower.
1694, Friday December 28, Death of Mary II.
1859, Wednesday December 28, Death of the historian Thomas Babbington Macaulay.
1882, Thursday December 28, Birth of the astronomer Arthur Stanley Eddington.
1926, Tuesday December 28, Imperial Airways began its mail and passenger service between London and India.28th
1170, Monday December 29, The murder of Thomas a Becket at Canterbury cathedral.
1592, Friday December 29, The Rose Theatre reopened.
1689, Sunday December 29, Death of the physician Thomas Sydenham.
1728, Sunday December 29, Premiere of John Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera in London.
1798, Saturday December 29, Birth of the poet Henry Neele.
1809, Friday December 29, Birth of the statesman William Gladstone.
1820, Friday December 29, Death of George III.
1856, Monday December 29, The Victoria Cross was established to acknowledge bravery.
1887, Thursday December 29, The Philharmonic Theatre, Islington, was destroyed by fire.
1888, Saturday December 29, Death of the poet and author Edward Lear.
1894, Wednesday December 29, Death of the poet Christina Georgina Rossetti.
1918, Sunday December 29, The Sunday Express was launched.
1925, Tuesday December 29, David Lloyd George became leader of the Liberal Party.
1986, Monday December 29, Death of the politician Harold Macmillan.30th
1460, Tuesday December 30, Defeat of the Duke of York at the Battle of Wakefield in the Wars of the Roses . Richard of York, the Earl of Rutland and the Earl of Salisbury were all killed.
1689, Monday December 30, Purcell’s opera Dido and Aeneas was premiered at Chelsea.
1691, Wednesday December 30, Death of the scientist Robert Boyle.
1851, Tuesday December 30, J M W Turner was buried, at his own request, in St Paul’s cathedral.
1887, Friday December 30, A petition to Queen Victoria with over one million names of women appealing for public houses to be closed on Sundays was handed to the home secretary.
1906, Sunday December 30, Birth of the film director Carol Reed.
1919, Tuesday December 30, Lincoln’s Inn admitted the first female bar student.31st
1516, Tuesday December 31 , The first masquerade in England was performed at Greenwich Palace before Henry VIII and his sister, the exiled Margaret of Scotland.
1600, Wednesday December 31, The East India Company was chartered.
1607, Thursday December 31, Edmund Shakespeare youngest brother of the playwright was buried in Southwark Cathedral.
1695, Tuesday December 31, A window tax was introduced and resulted in many windows being bricked up.
1711, Monday December 31, The Duke of Marlborough was dismissed as commander-in-chief.
1719, Thursday December 31, Death of the first Astronomer Royal, John Flamsteed.
1813, Friday December 31, Westminster Bridge was lit by gas for the first time.
1869, Friday December 31, St Stephen’s church on Haverstock Hill, designed by S S Teulon, was opened.
1892, Saturday December 31, The first hostel for homeless men, Rowton House in Bond street, Vauxhall, opened its doors.
1904, Saturday December 31, The rebuilt Lyceum Theatre was opened.
1923, Monday December 31, The chimes of Big Ben were first broadcast by the BBC.
1937, Friday December 31, Birth of the actor Anthony Hopkins.
1960, Saturday December 31, The farthing coin, which had been in use since the 13th century, ceased to be legal tender.Outside London22nd
1515, Saturday December 22, Birth of Mary of Lorraine, pro-French Regent of Scotland.
1562, Tuesday December 22, Margaret Shakespeare, sister of William Shakespeare, was christened.
1639, Sunday December 22, Birth of the French writer Jean-Baptiste Racine.
1715, Thursday December 22, James Stuart, the ‘Old Pretender’, landed at Petershead after his exile in France.
1768, Thursday December 22, Birth of the painter John Crome.
1839, Sunday December 22, Birth of the stage magician John Nevil Maskelyne.
1858, Wednesday December 22, Birth of the composer Giacomo Puccini.
1880, Wednesday December 22, Death of the novelist George Eliot.
1989, Friday December 22, Death of the author and dramatist Samuel Beckett.23rd
1588, Monday December 23, Henri de Lorraine, Duke of Guise and his brother Louis, Cardinal of Guise, were assassinated at Blois on the orders of Henri III.
1631, Friday December 23, Death of the poet Michael Drayton.
1682, Wednesday December 23, Birth of the architect James Gibbs.
1834, Tuesday December 23, Death of the economist Thomas Robert Malthus.
1888, Sunday December 23, Birth of the film magnate J Arthur Rank, in Hull.
1965, Thursday December 23, A 70-mph speed limit was introduced on British motorways.24th
1524, Saturday December 24, The death of the Portuguese explorer, Vasco de Gama.
1660, Monday December 24, Death of Maria Henriette Princess of Orange and daughter of Charles I.
1754, Tuesday December 24, Birth of the poet George Crabbe.
1814, Saturday December 24, The War of 1812 between the USA and Britain was brought to an end with the signing of the Treaty of Ghent.
1822, Tuesday December 24, Birth of the poet Matthew Arnold.
1828, Wednesday December 24, William Burke who, with his partner William Hare, dug up the dead and murdered to sell the corpses for dissection, went on trial.
1871, Sunday December 24, Verdi’s Aida was premiered in Cairo to coincide with the opening of the Suez Canal.25th
1564, Monday December 25, Birth of the Dutch painter Abraham Bloemaert.
1592, Monday December 25, John Shakespeare was presented as a recusant.
1642, Sunday December 25, Birth of Isaac Newton.
1721, Monday December 25, Birth of the poet William Collins.
1906, Sunday December 25, Birth of the Television proprietor Lew Grade, in Odessa.26th
1620, Tuesday December 26 , The Mayflower Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts. John Carver was chosen as the first governor.
1792, Wednesday December 26, Birth of the mathematician Charles Babbage.
1944, Tuesday December 26, Birth of the actress Jane Lapotaire.27th
1539, Saturday December 27, Anne of Cleves landed at Deal
1571, Thursday December 27, Birth of the German astronomer and scientist Johannes Kepler.
1773, Monday December 27, Birth of the aviation pioneer George Cayley, in Scarborough.
1831, Tuesday December 27, Charles Darwin set sail in the Beagle on his voyage of scientific discovery.
1965, Monday December 27, The BP oil rig Sea Gem capsized in the North Sea, with the loss of 13 lives.28th
1734, Saturday December 28, Death of the Scottish clan chief Rob Roy.
1879, Sunday December 28, The Tay Bridge collapsed as a train was passing over it, killing 75 people.
1934, Friday December 28, Birth of the actress Maggie Smith.
1937, Tuesday December 28, Death of the composer Maurice Ravel.
1937, Tuesday December 28, The Irish Free State left the Commonwealth and became a sovereign state with the name of Eire.
1950, Thursday December 28, The Peak District became Britain’s first designated National Park.
1956, Thursday December 28, Birth of the violinist Nigel Kennedy.28th
1695, Sunday December 29, Birth of the French painter Jean Baptiste Pater.
1747, Tuesday December 29, The Aberdeen Journal was founded. It later became the Press and Journal, the oldest surviving Scottish newspaper.
1860, Saturday December 29, HMS Warrior, Britain’s first seagoing iron-clad warship, was launched.
1876, Friday December 29, Birth of the cellist Pablo Casals.
1928, Sunday December 29, Death of Field-Marshall Douglas Haig.
1962, Saturday December 29, Death of the violinist Fritz Kreisler.30th
1591, Thursday December 30, Death of Pope Innocent IX.
1865, Saturday December 30, Birth of the author and poet Rudyard Kipling, in Bombay.
1879, Tuesday December 30, In a bid to beat copyright pirates Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance had its first performance, by amateurs, at Paignton, Devon.31st
1384, Saturday December 31, Death the of the religious reformer John Wycliffe.
1720, Saturday December 31, Birth of the Young Pretender Charles Edward Stuart.
1879, Wednesday December 31, Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance had its official premiere in New York.
1943, Friday December 31, Birth of the actor Ben Kingsley.
1948, Friday December 31, Death of the racing driver Malcolm Campbell.