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England’s Queen Mother: Part 2: Her Ancestral Tree

England’s Queen Mother: Part 2: Her Ancestral Tree (Updated April 3rd)
by Elisabeth Emmick

Just as the Queen Mother’s life spanned the entire last century of the second millennium, so her ancestral tree spans the entirety of the millennium itself. Her roots go back to the House of Atholl and David I of Scotland.This, the second article in our major series about a remarkable woman sets out this genealogy of a millennium. Here forebears included a number of colourful characters many of whom were involved in the dangerous politics of their times. Politics were not as treacherous in her own time of course, but they still provided this Queen of England with a number of major challenges.

England’s Queen Mother: Part 2: Her Ancestral Tree

Farewell Ma’am

The Queen Mother, Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, was born into a Landed Scottish family on August 4th 1900. She was born in Hertfordshire but taken to the family seat, Glamis Castle, near Dundee in Scotland for her christening. Four years later, her father inherited the family title and became the 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne. Glamis then became her principal home. The family traces its roots back to the House of Atholl. One of her earliest forebears was Malcolm Cannmore (c.1031-1093). He was a child when his father, Duncan, was murdered by Macbeth in 1040. Malcolm, slew Macbeth in 1057 and became King of Scotland. Her line descends through his fifth son, David I, who reigned as King of Scotland between 1124 and 1153. Thus, her genealogy, summarised below, spans the entire last Millennium just as her life spanned the entire last century of it.

The Queen Mother’s Lineage

Malcolm III (Cannmore)
m 2. Margaret
David I
m Matilda
Henry Earl of Huntingdon
d. 1152
m Ada de Warenne
David Earl of Huntingdon
m Matilda
Isabellam Robert De Bruce, Lord of Annandale
Robert Bruce of Annandale
m Euphemia
Robert Bruce
m Marjorie Countess of Carrick
Robert I ‘The Bruce’>
m 1. Isabella of Mar
Marjorie Bruce
d. 1316
m Walter
6t High Steward of Scotland
Robert II
m 1. Elizabeth Mure
d. before 1355
Jean Stewartm 2. Sir John Lyon of Forteviot
d. 1382
Sir John Lyon
d. 1435
m Elizabeth Graham
Patrick Lyon, 1st Lord Glamis
d. 1459
m Isabella Ogilvy
John, 3rd Lord Glamis
d. 1497
m Elizabeth Scrimgeour
John, 4th Lord Glamis
d. 1500
m Elizabeth Gray
John, 6th Lord Glamis
m Janet Douglas
d. 1528
John, 7th Lord Glamis
d. 1558
m Janet Keith
John, 8th Lord Glamis
d. 1578
m Elizabeth Salton
Patrick, 9th Lord Glamis
m Anne Murray
John, 2nd Earl of Kinghorne
d. 1647
m Lady Elizabeth Maule
Patrick, 3rd Earl of Kinghorne
d. 1695
m Helen
John, 4th Earl of Kinghorne
d. 1712
m Lady Elizabeth Stanhope
Thomas, 8th Earl Kinghorne
m Jean Nicholson
1. John 9th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne
m Mary Eleanor Bowes
Thomas, 11th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne
d. 1846
m Mary Carpenter
d. 1811
George, Lord Glamism Charlotte Grimstead
Claude (Bowes-Lyon) 13th Earl of Strathmore
m Francis Smith
Claude (Bowes-Lyon) 14th Earl of Strathmore
m Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck
Lady Elizabeth
1900- 2002

There are a number of colourful characters in this list, many of them involved in the dangerous politics of their times. The next article in the series will explore some of these and thus set the stage for the upcoming articles on the life and times of the Lady Elizabeth herself. If you would like to be notified of the latest articles in the series as soon as they appear please feel free to subscribe for regular free updates here .

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