Story Of London


In 1862, Henry Mayhew published his magnificent survey:London Labour and the London Poor. He opens the first volume with a detailed survey of the class of people who make their living on the streets of the metropolis, known as Costermongers. He then goes on to describe the varieties of people in each class. Below is an index to all 48 articles in the series. The links will be updated regularly as the articles are posted.

01: The Street Folk02: The Numbers of Costermongers03: The Varieties of Costermongers04 Of costermongering mechanics
05 Ancient calling of costermongers06 Of the obsolete cries of the costermongers07 Of the costermongers “economically” considered08 The London street markets on a Saturday night
09 The Sunday morning markets10 Habits and amusements of costermongers11 Gambling of costermongers12: The Vic Gallery
13 The politics of costermongers. — policemen14 Marriage and concubinage of costermongers15 Religion of costermongers16 Of the uneducated state of costermongers
17 Language of costermongers18 Of the nicknames of costermongers19 Of the education of costermongers’ children20 The literature of costermongers
21 Of the honesty of costermongers22 Of the conveyances of the costermongers and other street-sellers23 Of the “Smithfield races”24 Of the donkeys of the costermongers
25 Of the costermongers’ capital26 Of the “slang” weights and measures27 Of half profits28 Of the boys of the costermongers, and their bunts
29 Of the juvenile trading of the costermongers30 Of the education of the “coster-lads”31 The life of a coster-lad32 Of the coster-girls
33 The life of a coster girl34 Of costermongers and thieves35 Of the more provident costermongers36 Of the homes of the costermongers
37 Of the dress of the costermongers38 Of the diet and drink of costermongers39 Of the cries, rounds, and days of costermongers40 Of the costermongers on their country rounds
41 Of the earnings of costermongers42 Of the capital and income of the costermongers43 Of the providence and improvidence of costermongers44 Of the costermongers in bad weather and during the cholera
45 Of the costermongers’ raffles46 Of the markets and trade rights of the costermongers, and of the laws affecting them47 Of the removals of costermongers from the streets48 Of the tricks of costermongers