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London’s Lord Mayor: 1485-1603

The Lord Mayor of London is an ancient elective office which dates from the reign of Richard the Lionheart. In the intervening eight centuries more than seven hundred men and one woman have held this important post. The City of London has always jealously guarded its independence from the Crown and to this day, within the City, the Lord Mayor is second in Precedence only to the reigning Monarch. This major series of nine articles presents a complete list of the Lord Mayors, arranged chronologically according to the reigns in which they served. This article reviews the political situation of London in the Tudor Period, presents the list of Lord Mayors in the reigns of Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I and assesses the characters of each reign.

“It is worthy of observation, that every year, upon St. Bartholomew’s Day, when the fair is held, it is usual for the mayor, attended by the twelve principal aldermen, to walk in a neighbouring field, dressed in his scarlet gown, and about his neck a golden chain, to which is hung a golden fleece, {6} and besides, that particular ornament {7} which distinguishes the most noble order of the garter. During the year of his magistracy, he is obliged to live so magnificently, that foreigner or native, without any expense, is free, if he can find a chair empty, to dine at his table, where there is always the greatest plenty. When the mayor goes out of the precincts of the city, a sceptre, a sword, and a cap, are borne before him, and he is followed by the principal aldermen in scarlet gowns, with gold chains; himself and they on horseback. Upon their arrival at a place appointed for that purpose, where a tent is pitched, the mob begin to wrestle before them, two at a time; the conquerors receive rewards from the magistrates. After this is over, a parcel of live rabbits are turned loose among the crowd, which are pursued by a number of boys, who endeavour to catch them, with all the noise they can make. While we were at this show, one of our company, Tobias Salander, doctor of physic, had his pocket picked of his purse, with nine crowns du soleil, which, without doubt, was so cleverly taken from him by an Englishman who always kept very close to him, that the doctor did not in the least perceive it.” [ Travels in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth by Paul Hentzner, 1598.]Henry VII began his reign 22nd August 1485Regnal YearMayorTerm1st Henry VIISir William Stokker
John Warde
Sir Hugh Bryce1485-862nd Henry VIIHenry Colet1486-873rd Henry VIIWilliam Horne1487-884th Henry VIIRobert Tate1488-895th Henry VIIWilliam White1489-906th Henry VIIJohn Mathewe1490-17th Henry VIIHugh Clopton1491-928th Henry VIIWilliam Martin1492-939th Henry VIIRalph Ashtry1493-9410th Henry VIIRichard Chawry1494-9511st Henry VIISir Henry Colet1495-9612nd Henry VIIJohn Tate1496-9713rd Henry VIIWilliam Purchase1497-9814th Henry VIISir John Percyvale1498-9915th Henry VIINicholas Ailwyn1499-150016th Henry VIIWilliam Remyngton1500-117th Henry VIISir John Shaa1501-0218th Henry VIIBartholomew Rede1502-0319th Henry VIISir William Capel1503-0420th Henry VIIJohn Wynger1504-0521st Henry VIIThomas Kneseworth1505-0622nd Henry VIISir Richard Haddon1506-0723rd Henry VIIWilliam Browne1507-0824th Henry VIISir Lawrence Aylmer
Stephen Jenyns1508-09Henry VIII began his reign 22nd of April 1509Regnal YearMayorTerm1st Henry VIIIThomas Bradbury1509-102nd Henry VIIISir William Capel
Henry Kebyll1510-13rd Henry VIIIRoger Acheley1511-24th Henry VIIIWilliam Copynger1512-35th Henry VIII,Sir Richard Haddon1513-46th Henry VIIISir John Tate/George Monoux1514-57th Henry VIIIWilliam Boteler1515-68th Henry VIIIJohn Rest1516-79th Henry VIIIThomas Exmewe1517-810th Henry VIIIThomas Mirfin1518-911st Henry VIIIThomas Yarford1519-2012nd Henry VIIIJohn Brugde1520-113rd Henry VIIIJohn Milbourne1521-214th Henry VIIIJohn Mundy1522-315th Henry VIIIThomas Baldry1523-416th Henry VIIIJohn Aleyn1524-517th Henry VIIIWilliam Bayley1525-618th Henry VIIISir Thomas Semer1526-719th Henry VIIIJames Spencer1527-820th Henry VIIIJohn Rudstone1528-921st Henry VIIIRalph Dodmer1529-3022nd Henry VIIIThomas Pargeter1530-123rd Henry VIIINicholas Lambarde1531-224th Henry VIIIStephen Pecocke1532-325th Henry VIIIChristopher Ascue1533-426th Henry VIIISir John Champneys1534-527th Henry VIIISir John Aleyn1535-628th Henry VIIIRalph Warren1536-729th Henry VIIISir Richard Gresham1537-830th Henry VIIIWilliam Forman1538-931st Henry VIIISir William Hollyes1539-4032nd Henry VIIIWilliam Roche1540-133rd Henry VIIIMichael Dormer1541-234th Henry VIIIJohn Cotes1542-335th Henry VIIIWilliam Bowyer1543-436th Henry VIIISir Ralph Warren
William Laxton1544-537th Henry VIIISir Martin Bowes1545-638th Henry VIIIHenry Huberthorn1546-7Edward VI began his reign 28th January 1546Regnal YearMayorTerm1st Edward VISir John Gresham1547-82nd Edward VIHenry Amcotts1548-93rd Edward VISir Rowland Hill1549-504th Edward VIAndrew Judde1550-15th Edward VIRichard Dobbis1551-26th Edward VIGeorge Barne1552-3.Mary began her reign 6th July 1553Regnal YearMayorTerm1st MaryThomas Whyte1553-42nd MaryJohn Lyon1554-53rd MaryWilliam Garrarde1555-64th MaryThomas Ofley1556-75th MaryThomas Curtes1557-86th MaryThomas Leigh1558-9Elizabeth I began her reign 17th November 1558Regnal YearMayorTerm1st Elizabeth IWilliam Hewet1559-602nd Elizabeth ISir William Chester1560-13rd Elizabeth IWilliam Harper1561-24th Elizabeth IThomas Lodge1562-35th Elizabeth IJohn Whyte1563-46th Elizabeth IRichard Malorye1564-57th Elizabeth IRichard Champyon1565-68th Elizabeth IChristopher Draper1566-79th Elizabeth IRoger Martyn1567-810th Elizabeth IThomas Rowe1568-911th Elizabeth IAlexander Avenon1569-7012th Elizabeth IRowland Heyward1570-113th Elizabeth IWilliam Allen1571-214th Elizabeth ILionel Duckett1572-315th Elizabeth IJohn Ryvers1573-416th Elizabeth IJames Hawes1574-517th Elizabeth IAmbrose Nicholas1575-618th Elizabeth IJohn Langley1576-719th Elizabeth IThomas Ramsey1577-820th Elizabeth IRichard Pype1578-921st Elizabeth INicholas Woodroffe1579-8022nd Elizabeth IJohn Branche1580-123rd Elizabeth IJames Harvye1581-224th Elizabeth IThomas Blanke1582-325th Elizabeth IEdward Osborne1583-426th Elizabeth IThomas Pullyson1584-527th Elizabeth IWolstan Dixie1585-628th Elizabeth IGeorge Barne1586-729th Elizabeth IGeorge Bonde1587-830th Elizabeth IRt Hon Martin Calthrop1588-931st Elizabeth IRichard Martin
John Harte1589-9032nd Elizabeth IJohn Allott1590-133rd Elizabeth ISir Rowland Heyward
William Webbe1591-234th Elizabeth IWilliam Rowe1592-335th Elizabeth ICuthbert Buckell1593-436th Elizabeth ISir Richard Martin
Sir John Spencer1594-537th Elizabeth IStephen Slanye1595-638th Elizabeth IThomas Skinner
Henry Billingsley1596-739th Elizabeth IRichard Saltonstall1597-840th Elizabeth IStephen Soame1598-941st Elizabeth INicholas Mosley1599-160042nd Elizabeth IWilliam Ryder1600-143rd Elizabeth IJohn Garrarde1601-244th Elizabeth IRobert Lee1602-3

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