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London’s Lord Mayor: 1603-1714

The Lord Mayor of London is an ancient elective office which dates from the reign of Richard the Lionheart. In the intervening eight centuries more than seven hundred men and one woman have held this important post. The City of London has always jealously guarded its independence from the Crown and to this day, within the City, the Lord Mayor is second in Precedence only to the reigning Monarch. This major series of nine articles presents a complete list of the Lord Mayors, arranged chronologically according to the reigns in which they served. This article reviews the political situation of London in Stuart Period, presents the list of Lord Mayors in the reigns of James I, Charles I, the Commonwealth, Charles II. James II, William III and Mary II and Anne and assesses the characters of each reign.

James I began his reign 24th March 1603
Regnal YearMayorTerm
1st James ISir Thomas Bennett1603-4
2nd James ISir Thomas Lowe1604-5
3rd James ISir Leonard Halliday1605-6
4th James ISir John Watts1606-7
5th James ISir Henry Rowe1607-8
6th James ISir Humphrey Weld1608-9
7th James ISir Thomas Campbell1609-10
8th James ISir William Craven1610-1
9th James ISir James Pemberton1611-2
10th James ISir John Swinerton1612-3
11th James ISir Thomas Middleton1613-4
12th James ISir Thomas Hayes1614-5
13th James ISir John Jolles1615-6
14th James IJohn Lemon1616-7
15th James IGeorge Bovvles1617-8
16th James ISir Sebastian Harvey1618-9
17th James ISir William Cokayn1619-20
18th James ISir Francis Jones1620-1
19th James IEdward Barkham1621-2
20th James IPeter Proby1622-3
21st James ISir Martin Lumley1623-4
22nd James IJohn Gore1624-5
Charles I began his reign on 27th March 1625
Regnal YearMayorTerm
1st Charles IAllan Cotton1625-6
2nd Charles ICuthbert Hacket1626-7
3rd Charles IHugh Hammersley1627-8
4th Charles IRichard Deane1628-9
5th Charles IJames Campebell1629-30
6th Charles ISir Robert Ducye1630-1
7th Charles IGeorge Whitmore1631-2
8th Charles INicholas Fainton1632-3
9th Charles IRalph Freeman1633-4
10th Charles IRobert Parkhurst1634-5
11th Charles IChristopher Clitherow1635-6
12th Charles IEdward Bromfield1636-7
13th Charles IRichard Fenn1637-8
14th Charles ISir Maurice Abbot1638-9
15th Charles IHenry Garvvay1639-40
16th Charles IEdmund Wright1640-1
17th Charles IRichard Gurney1641-2
18th Charles IIsaac Pennington1642-3
19th Charles ISir John Wollaston1643-4
20th Charles IThomas Atkyn1644-5
21st Charles IThomas Adams1645-6
22nd Charles ISir John Gayer1646-7
23rd Charles IJohn Warner1647-8
24th Charles IAbraham Reynardson1648-9
Charles I was executed on January 30th 1649 and a Commonwealth declared on May 19th 1649
Regnal YearMayorTerm
CommonwealthThomas Andrewes
Thomas Foot
CommonwealthThomas Andrewes1650-1
CommonwealthJohn Kendricke1651-2
CommonwealthJohn Fowke1652-3
CommonwealthThomas Vyner1653-4
CommonwealthChristopher Pack1654-5
CommonwealthJohn Dethick1655-6
CommonwealthRobert Tichburn1656-7
CommonwealthRichard Chiverton1657-8
CommonwealthSir John Ireton1658-9
CommonwealthThomas Allen1659-60
Charles II began his reign 4th April 1660
Regnal YearMayorTerm
1st Charles IISir Richard Browne1660-1
2nd Charles IISir John Frederick1661-2
3rd Charles IISir John Robinson1662-3
4th Charles IISir Anthony Bateman1663-4
5th Charles IISir John Lawrence1664-5
6th Charles IISir Thomas Bludworth1665-6
7th Charles IISir William Bolton1666-7
8th Charles IISir William Peake1667-8
9th Charles IISir William Turner1668-9
10th Charles IISir Samuel Starling1669-70
11th Charles IISir Richard Ford1670-1
12th Charles IISir George Waterman1671-2
13th Charles IISir Robert Hanson1672-3
14th Charles IISir William Hooker1673-4
15th Charles IISir Robert Vyner1674-5
16th Charles IISir Joseph Sheldon1675-6
17th Charles IISir Thomas Davies1676-7
18th Charles IISir Francis Chaplin1677-8
19th Charles IISir James Edwards1678-9
20th Charles IISir Robert Clayton1679-80
21st Charles IISir Patience Warde1680-1
22nd Charles IISir John Moore1681-2
23rd Charles IISir William Pritchard1682-3
24th Charles IISir Henry Tulse1683-4
25th Charles IISir James Smyth1684-5
James II began his reign 11th February 1685
Regnal YearMayorTerm
1st James IISir Robert Jefferys1685-6
2nd James IISir John Peake1686-7
3rd James IISir John Shorter1687-8
4th James IISir John Chapman1688-9

Faced with the Dutch invasion under his son-in-law, William of Orange, and which was supported by his Protestant subjects, the Catholic James II left England on December 11th 1688. Arguing that James had thus abdicated, William usurped the administrative authority of the Kingdom at Christmas. There followed an “intgerregnum” until, in February 1689, a ‘convention’ or parliament invited William and his wife, Mary, to jointly assume the throne but with the executive authority vested in William’s hands only. James’ attempt to regain his throne finally came to an end at the Battle of the Boyne on July 1st 1690.

William III and Mary II began their joint reign in Februalry 1689
Regnal YearMayorTerm
1st William III
and Mary II
Sir Thomas Pilkington1689-90
2nd William III
and Mary II
Sir Thomas Pilkington1690-1
3rd William III
and Mary II
Sir Thomas Stampe1691-2
4th William III
and Mary II
Sir John Fleet1692-3
5th William III
and Mary II
Sir William Ashurst1693-4
6th William III
and Mary II
Sir Thomas Lane1694-5
Mary II died in December 1694. William III continued to reign alone.
Regnal YearMayorTerm
7th William IIISir John Houblon1695-6
8th William IIISir Edward Clarke1696-7
9th William IIISir Humphrey Edwin1697-8
10th William IIISir Francis Child1698-9
11th William IIISir Richard Levett1699-1700
12th William IIISir Thomas Abney1700-1
13th William IIISir William Gore1701-2
Queen Anne began her reign 8th March 1702
Regnal YearMayorTerm
1st AnneSir Samuel Dashwood1702-3
2nd AnneSir John Parsons1703-4
3rd AnneSir Owen Buckingham1704-5
4th AnneSir thomas Rawlinson1705-6
5th AnneSir robert Bedingfeld1706-7
6th AnneSir William Withers1707-8
7th AnneSir Charles Duncombe1708-9
8th AnneSir Samuel Garrard1709-10
9th AnneSir Gilbert Heathcote1710-1
10th AnneSir Robert Beachcroft1711-2
11th AnneSir Richard Hoare1712-3
12th AnneSir Samuel Stanir1713-4

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