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London’s Lord Mayor: 1714-1837

The Lord Mayor of London is an ancient elective office which dates from the reign of Richard the Lionheart. In the intervening eight centuries more than seven hundred men and one woman have held this important post. The City of London has always jealously guarded its independence from the Crown and to this day, within the City, the Lord Mayor is second in Precedence only to the reigning Monarch. This major series of nine articles presents a complete list of the Lord Mayors, arranged chronologically according to the reigns in which they served. This article reviews the political situation of London in Hanovarian period, presents the list of Lord Mayors in the reigns of George I, George II, George III, George IV and William IV and assesses the characters of each reign.

George I began his reign 1st August 1714
Regnal YearMayorTerm
1st George ISir William Humphreys1714-5
2nd George ISir Charles Peers1715-6
3rd George ISir James Bateman1716-7
4th George ISir William Lewen1717-8
5th George ISir John Ward1718-9
6th George ISir George Thorold1719-20
7th George ISir John Fryer1720-1
8th George ISir William Stewart1721-2
9th George ISir Gerard Conyers1722-3
10th George ISir Peter Delme1723-4
11th George ISir George Merttins1724-5
12th George ISir Francis Forbes1725-6
13th George ISir John Eyles1726-7
George II began his reign 10th June 1727
Regnal YearMayorTerm
1st George IISir Edward Becher1727-8
2nd George IISir Robert Baylis1728-9
3rd George IISir Richard Brocas1729-30
4th George IIHumphrey Parsons1730-1
5th George IIFrancis Child1731-2
6th George IIJohn Barber1732-3
7th George IISir William Billers1733-4
8th George IISir Edward Bellamy1734-5
9th George IISir John Williams1735-6
10th George IISir John Thompson1736-7
11th George IISir John Barnard1737-8
12th George IIMicajah Perry1738-9
13th George IISir John Salter1739-40
14th George IIHumphrey Parsons1740-1
15th George IIDaniel Lambert
Sir Robert Godschall
16th George IIRobert Willmott1742-3
17th George IIRobert Westley1743-4
18th George IIHenry Marshall1744-5
19th George IIRichard Hoare1745-6
20th George IIWilliam Benn1746-7
21st George IISir Robert Ladbroke1747-8
22nd George IISir William Calvert1748-9
23rd George IISir Samuel Pennant1749-50
24th George IIJohn Blatchford
Francis Cokayne
25th George IIThomas Winterbottom1751-2
26th George IIRobert Alsop
Crisp Gascoyne
27th George IIThomas Rawlinson1753-4
28th George IIStephen T Janssen1754-5
29th George IISlingsby Bethell1755-6
30th George IIMarshe Dickinson1756-7
31st George IISir Charles Askill1757-8
32nd George IISir Richard Glyn1758-9
33rd George IISir Thomas Chitty1759-60
George III began his reign 25th October 1760
Regnal YearMayorTerm
1st George IIISir Matthew Blakiston1760-1
2nd George IIISir Samel Fludyer1761-2
3rd George IIIWilliam Beckford1762-3
4th George IIIWilliam Bridgen1763-4
5th George IIISir William Stephenson1764-5
6th George IIIGeorge Nelson1765-6
7th George IIISir Robert Kite1766-7
8th George IIIThomas Harley1767-8
9th George IIISamuel Turner1768-9
10th George IIIWilliam Beckford1769-70
11th George IIIBrass Crosby1770-1
12th George IIIWilliam Nash1771-2
13th George IIIJames Townsend1772-3
14th George IIIFrederick Bull1773-4
15th George IIIJohn Wilkes1774-5
16th George IIIJohn Sawbridge1775-6
17th George IIISir Thomas Halifax1776-7
18th George IIISir James Esdaile1777-8
19th George IIISamuel Plumbe1778-9
20th George IIIBrackley Kennett1779-80
21st George IIISir Watkin Lewes1780-1
22nd George IIIWilliam Plomer1781-2
23rd George IIINathaniel Newnham1782-3
24th George IIIRobert Peckham1783-4
25th George IIIRichard Clark1784-5
26th George IIIThomas Wright1785-6
27th George IIIThomas Sainsbury1786-7
28th George IIIJohn Burnell1787-8
29th George IIIWilliam Gill1788-9
30th George IIIWilliam Pickett1789-90
31st George IIIJohn Boydell1790-1
32nd George IIIJohn Hopkins1791-2
33rd George IIISir James Sanderson1792-3
34th George IIIPaul le Mesurier1793-4
35th George IIIThomas Skinner1794-5
36th George IIIWilliam Curtis1795-6
37th George IIIBrook Watson1796-7
38th George IIIJohn Anderson1797-8
39th George IIISir Richard Glyn1798-9
40th George IIIHarvey Christian Combe1799-1800
41st George IIISir William Staines1800-1
42nd George IIISir John Eamer1801-2
43rd George IIICharles Price1802-3
44th George IIIJohn Perring1803-4
45th George IIIPeter Perchard1804-5
46th George IIIJames Shaw1805-6
47th George IIISir William Leighton1806-7
48th George IIIJohn Ansley1807-8
49th George IIICharles Flower1808-9
50th George IIIThomas Smith1809-10
51st George IIIJoshua Smith1810-1
52nd George IIIClaudius Stephen Hunter1811-2
53rd George IIIGeorge Scholey1812-3
54th George IIIWilliam Domville1813-4
55th George IIISamuel Birch1814-5
56th George IIIMatthew Wood1815-6
57th George IIIMatthew Wood1816-7
58th George IIIChristopher Smith1817-8
59th George IIIJohn Atkins1818-9
60th George IIIGeorge Bridges1819-20
George IV began his reign 29th January 1820
Regnal YearMayorTerm
1st George IVJohn Thomas Thorp1820-1
2nd George IVChristopher Magnay1821-2
3rd George IVWilliam Heygate1822-3
4th George IVRobert Waithman1823-4
5th George IVJohn Garratt1824-5
6th George IVWilliam Venables1825-6
7th George IVAnthony Brown1826-7
8th George IVMatthias Prime Lucas1827-8
9th George IVWilliam Thompson1828-9
10th George IVJohn Crowder1829-30
William IV began his reign 26th June 1830
Regnal YearMayorTerm
1st William IVJohn Key1830-1
2nd William IVJohn Key1831-2
3rd William IVSir Peter Laurie1832-3
4th William IVCharles Farebrother1833-4
5th William IVHenry Winchester1834-5
6th William IVWilliam Taylor Copeland1835-6
7th William IVThomas Kelly1836-7

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