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London’s Lord Mayor: 1910-2005

The Lord Mayor of London is an ancient elective office which dates from the reign of Richard the Lionheart. In the intervening eight centuries more than seven hundred men and one woman have held this important post. The City of London has always jealously guarded its independence from the Crown and to this day, within the City, the Lord Mayor is second in Precedence only to the reigning Monarch. This major series of nine articles presents a complete list of the Lord Mayors, arranged chronologically according to the reigns in which they served. This article reviews the political situation of London in the Twentieth century, presents the list of Lord Mayors in the reigns of George V, Edward VIII, George VI and Elizabeth I and assesses the characters of each reign.

George V began his reign 6th May 1910
Regnal YearMayorTerm
1st George VSir Thomas V Strong1910-1
2nd George VSir Thomas B Crosby1911-2
3rd George VCol Sir David Burnett1912-3
4th George VSir Thomas Vansittart Bowater MP1913-4
5th George VCol Sir Charles Johnston1914-5
6th George VCol Sir Charles Wakefield1915-6
7th George VSir William Dunn1916-7
8th George VCharles Hanson MP1917-8
9th George VSir Horace Marshall1918-9
10th George VSir Edward Cooper1919-20
11th George VJames Roll1920-1
12th George VSir John Baddeley1921-2
13th George VEdward C. Moore1922-3
14th George VCol Sir Louis Newton1923-4
15th George VSir Alfred Bower1924-5
16th George VSir William Pryke1925-6
17th George VSir (George) Rowland Blades1926-7
18th George VSir Charles Batho1927-8
19th George VSir John E.K. Studd1928-9
20th George VSir William Waterlow1929-30
21st George VSir William P Neal1930-1
22nd George VSir Maurice Jenks1931-2
23rd George VSir Percy Greenaway1932-3
24th George VSir Charles Collett1933-4
25th George VSir Stephen Killik1934-5
26th George VSir Percy Vincent1935-6
Edward VIII began his reign 20th January 1936 and abdicated 325 days later. George VI began his reign 10th December 1936
Regnal YearMayorTerm
1st Edward VIII
1st George VI
Sir George Broadbridge1936-7
2nd George VISir Harry Twyford1937-8
3rd George VIMaj Sir Frank Bowater1938-9
4th George VISir William Coxen1939-40
5th George VISir George Wilkinson1940-1
6th George VILt Col Sir John Laurie1941-2
7th George VISir Samuel Joseph1942-3
8th George VISir Frank Newson-Smith1943-4
9th George VISir Fank Alexander1944-5
10th George VISir Charles Davis1945-6
11th George VISir Bracewell Smith1946-7
12th George VISir Frederick M Wells1947-8
13th George VISir George Aylwen1948-9
14th George VISir Frederick Rowland1949-50
15th George VISir Denys Lowson1950-1
16th George VISir Leslie Boyce1951-2
Elizabeth II began her reign 6th February 1952
Regnal YearMayorTerm
1st Elizabeth IISir Rubert De la Bere1952-3
2nd Elizabeth IISir Noel Vansittart Bowater1953-4
3rd Elizabeth II(Harold W) Seymour Howard1954-5
4th Elizabeth IICuthbert L. Ackroyd1955-6
5th Elizabeth IISir Cullum Welch1956-7
6th Elizabeth IISir Dennis Truscott1957-8
7th Elizabeth IISir Harold Gillett1958-9
8th Elizabeth IISir Edmund Stockdale1959-60
9th Elizabeth IISir Bernard Waley-Cohen1960-1
10th Elizabeth IISir Frederick Hoare1961-2
11th Elizabeth IISir Ralph Perring1962-3
12th Elizabeth IISir James Harman1963-4
13th Elizabeth IISir James Miller1964-5
14th Elizabeth IISir Lionel Denny1965-6
15th Elizabeth IISir Robert Bellinger1966-7
16th Elizabeth IISir Gilbert Inglefield1967-8
17th Elizabeth IISir Charles Trinder1968-9
18th Elizabeth IISir Ian F. Bowater1969-70
19th Elizabeth IISir Peter Studd1970-1
20th Elizabeth IISir Edward Howard1971-2
21st Elizabeth IIThe Lord Mais1972-3
22nd Elizabeth IISir Hugh Wontner1973-4
23rd Elizabeth IISir H. Murray Fox1974-5
24th Elizabeth IISir Lindsay Roberts Ring1975-6
25th Elizabeth IISir Robin Danvers Penrose Gillett1976-7
26th Elizabeth IISir Peter Vanneck1977-8
27th Elizabeth IISir Kenneth Cork1978-9
28th Elizabeth IISir Peter Gadsden1979-80
29th Elizabeth IISir Ronald L. Gardner-Thorpe1980-1
30th Elizabeth IISir Christopher Leaver1981-2
31st Elizabeth IISir Anthony Jolliffe1982-3
32nd Elizabeth IIDame Mary Donaldson1983-4
33rd Elizabeth IISir Alan Towers Traill1984-5
34th Elizabeth IISir William Allan Davis1985-6
35th Elizabeth IISir David Rowe-Ham1986-7
36th Elizabeth IISir Greville Spratt1987-8
37th Elizabeth IISir Christopher Collett1988-9
38th Elizabeth IISir Hugh Bidwell1989-90
39th Elizabeth IISir Alexander Graham1990-1
40th Elizabeth IISir Brian Jenkins1991-2
41st Elizabeth IISir Francis McWilliams1992-3
42nd Elizabeth IISir Paul Newall1993-4
43rd Elizabeth IIChristopher Walford1994-5
44th Elizabeth IIJohn Chalstrey1995-6
45th Elizabeth IIRoger Cork1996-7
46th Elizabeth IIRichard Nichols1997-8
47th Elizabeth IILord Levene of Portsoken1998-9
48th Elizabeth IIClive Martin1999-2000
49th Elizabeth IIDavid Howarth Seymour Howard2000-1
50th Elizabeth IIJames Michael Yorrick Oliver2001-2002
51st Elizabeth IIGavyn Farr Arthur2002-2003
52nd Elizabeth IIRobert Finch2003-2004
53rd Elizabeth IIMichael Savory2004-2005

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