Birth of Elizabeth at Greenwich-palace - Her christening
Placed first in the Succession
Marriage-negotiation with France
Execution of her mother - Elizabeth declared illegitimate
Her want of apparel
Altered fortunes
Early promise - Education
Her first letter
Residence with her sister Mary - Offered in marriage to the heir of Arran
Her letter to queen Katharine Parr
Proficiency in languages
Her brother's love - Shares his studies
Her father's death - Her grief
Is wooed by Seymour the lord admiral - Refuses his hand
Resides with queen Katharine Parr
Her governess Mrs Ashley, and Roger Ascham
Freedoms of the admiral - The queen's jealousy
Elizabeth removes to Cheston
Death queen Katharine Parr
The lord admiral's clandestine courtship
Elizabeth's conferences with Parry

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