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November Week 3

November Week 3
Posted on Jun 10, 2002 – 06:29 AM by Bill McCann

This page provides daily updates on past events and anniversaries during the Third week of November. The events included are those that either happened in London or had an effect, one way or another, on the lives of Londoners.

Daily updates on Events during the First week
Below are the events and anniversaries for this week both about London and Londoners and Outside London.The archive for these pages has been arranged in a series of monthly Digests. To speed up navigation, these have been further divided into four weekly instalments. These pages are all comprehensively interlinked.The Outside London section offers daily updates on a range of political, cultural, scientific and religious events and anniversaries in History and which had, in one way or another, an effect on London Life.Each Section has its own background page which provides additional and in-depth information about many of the events and people in the daily listings. They are intended to both amuse and inform and can be found at Gazette Briefings and Historical Anecdotes .Links to the anniversaries and events in the other weeks of the month are given in the following table whilst links to the other months of the year can be found at the bottom of the page.First WeekSecond WeekFinal WeekLondon and Londoners15th1538, Friday November 15, Charterhouse friary was dissolved and its possessions seized by the crown.
1635, Sunday November 15, A very high tide in the Thames flooded the grounds and stables of Lambeth Palace.
1708, Monday November 15, Birth of the statesman William Pitt the Elder.
1738, Wednesday November 15, Birth of the astronomer William Herschel.
1755, Saturday November 15, There were riots at the Theatre Royal because David Garrick presented a troupe of “French” dancers in hid “The Chinese festival”. War with France had just broken out.
1802, Monday November 15, Death of the English painter George Romney.
1837, Wednesday November 15, Pitman’s system of shorthand was published under the title Stenographic Sound-Hand.16th1272, Wednesday November 16, Death of Henry III.
1665, Thursday November 16, The Oxford Gazette was founded. It became the London Gazette in February 1666 and is the world’s oldest surviving periodical.
1724, Monday November 16, Jack Sheppard the notorious highwayman and famous escaper was hanged at Tyburn before an immense crowd which was said to number 200000.
1811, Thursday November 16, Birth of the political reformer John Bright.
1928, Friday November 16, Obscenity charges were brought against Radclyffe Hall’s crusading lesbian novel The Well of Loneliness.
1942, Monday November 16, Birth of the English jockey Willie Carson.
1961, Thursday November 16, Birth of the British boxer Frank Bruno.
1983, Monday November 16, Death of the English comedian Arthur Askey.17th1278, Thursday November 17, 680 Jews were arrested across England on charges of counterfeiting coins. 293 were subsequently executed.
1558, Thursday November 17, Mary died of dropsy and was succeeded by her sister Elizabeth.
1750, Saturday November 17, Westminster Bridge was opened for foot passengers and horses. Dogs were banned.
1842, Thursday November 17, Donizetti’s opera Linda di Chamounix had its first London performance.
1856, Monday November 17, Death of the British socialist Robert Owen.
1873, Monday November 17, The Criterion Restaurant on the site of the old white Bear Inn at Piccadilly Circus was opened. It soon expanded and incorporated the Criterion Theatre in its basement, one of the first theatres to be built underground.
1877, Saturday November 17, The first performance of Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Sorcerer at the Opera-Comique Theatre. It ran for 178 performances.
1880, Wednesday November 17, The first three British women to graduate received their Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of London.
1887, Tuesday November 17, Birth of field-marshal Bernard Law Montgomery.
1925, Tuesday November 17, Birth of the conductor Charles Mackerras.
1948, Wednesday November 17, The House of Commons voted to nationalise the steel industry.
1969, Monday November 17, The Sun newspaper was re-launched as a tabloid by Rupert Murdoch.
1970, Tuesday November 17, Stephanie Rahn became the Sun newspaper’s first Page Three girl.
1971, Wednesday November 17, Death of the actress Gladys Cooper.
1995, Friday November 17, The Today newspaper ceased publication. It was the first national to close since the Daily Sketch merged with the Daily mail in 1971.18th1309, Tuesday November 18, The trial of the English Templars came to an inconclusive end.
1477, Tuesday November 18, William Caxton’s The Dictes or Sayinges of the Philosophers was published. It is the first printed book in England which bears a date.
1477, Tuesday November 18, The first book to be printed on William Caxton’s press at Westminster was published. Called The Dictes and Sayings of the Philosophers it introduced the colophon giving details of the printer the place and the date of publication.
1769, Saturday November 18, At midnight Robert Mylne’s Blackfriars Bridge was officially opened.
1836, Friday November 18, Birth of the dramatist William Schwenck Gilbert.
1828, Tuesday November 18, The United Service Club’s new building at the corner of Waterloo Place and Pall Mall was opened. It was designed by John Nash and the central stairway from Carleton House was presented to the Club by George IV. It is now occupied by the Institute of Directors.
1852, Thursday November 18, Wellington’s body was taken in solemn procession from Chelsea to St Paul’s Cathedral. More than one and a half million turned out to watch – the largest since Nelson’s funeral in 1805.
1941, Tuesday November 18, Birth of the actor and director David Hemmings.
1987, Wednesday November 18, A fire broke out at King’s Cross underground station killing 30 people.
1994, Friday November 18, Death of the ballet dancer and teacher Michael Somes.19th1558, Saturday November 19, The 25-year old Elizabeth I arrived at Highgate from Hatfield. She was met by the mayor and aldermen and all the bishops of the kingdom.
1600, Wednesday November 19, Birth of Charles I.
1692, Saturday November 19, Death of the dramatist and poet Thomas Shadwell.
1794, Wednesday November 19, The Jay Treaty the first US extradition treaty was signed with Great Britain.
1850, Tuesday November 19, Alfred Tennyson was appointed poet laureate.
1976, Friday November 19, Death of the Brirish architect Basil Spence.
1994, Saturday November 19, First modern NationalLottery draw in England took place.20th1272, Sunday November 20, Funeral of Henry III at Westminster Abbey.
1272, Sunday November 20, Edward I was proclaimed king in his absence. He was on crusade.
1572, Thursday November 20, The first Presbyterian meeting house in England was established at Wandsworth.
1739, Tuesday November 20, At a meeting in Somerset House the Foundling Hospital was incorporated by royal charter. The 70-year-old Thomas Coram who had long campaigned for it was joined by 6 Dukes and 11 earls together with numerous peers and well-known citizens.
1752, Monday November 20, Birth of the poet Thomas Chatterton.
1826, Monday November 20, Farringdon market, at which fruit, vegetables, meat and fish were sold, was opened between Farringdon Street and Shoe Lane. It was a large and well-ventilated structure which house 79 shops and space for additional stalls. It was demolished as part of the scheme to build Holborn Viaduct in 1870.
1871, Monday November 20, Farringdon Street, running from Fleet Street to the new Holborn Viaduct was opened.
1887, Sunday November 20, Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith was opened to the Public.
1925, Tuesday November 20, Death Queen Alexandra consort of Edward VII.
1935, Wednesday November 20, Death of admiral John Rushworth Jellicoe.
1944, Monday November 20, The lights of Piccadilly the Strand and Fleet Street were switched back on after five years of blackout.
1945, Tuesday November 20, Death of the English physicist Francis William Aston.
1947, Thursday November 20, Princess Elizabeth married Duke Philip Mountbatten.
1979, Tuesday November 20, Anthony Blunt surveyor of the queen’s pictures was stripped of his knighthood when his past work as a double agent was made public.
1990, Tuesday November 20, In elections held for leadership of the Conservative Party Margaret Thatcher failed to secure the margin needed for re-election.21st1695, Thursday November 21, Death of the composer Henry Purcell.
1835, Saturday November 21, Death of the novelist and poet James Hogg.
1953, Saturday November 21, The Piltdown Man skull ‘discovered’ by Charles Dawson in Sussex in 1912 was revealed as a hoax.Outside London15th1891, Sunday November 15, Birth of the German field marshal Erwin Rommel.
1891, Sunday November 15, Birth of the American diplomat Averell Harriman.
1899, Wednesday November 15, Winston Churchill was captured by the Boers while covering the war as a reporter for the Morning Post.
1942, Thursday November 15, Birth of the pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim.
1942, Thursday November 15, Birth of the pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim.
1968, Friday November 15, The Cunard liner QueenElizabeth ended her final transatlantic journey.
1983, Tuesday November 15, An independent Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was unilaterally proclaimed recognized only by Turkey.
1985, Friday November 15, UK and Irish premiers Margaret Thatcher and Garret Fitzgerald signed the Anglo-Irish Agreement in Dublin.
1991, Friday November 15, In the wake of increased sectarian violence in Northern Ireland Britain called up 1400 reserve troops for full-time active duty.16th42 BCE, Sunday November 16, Birth of the Roman emperor Tiberius.
1824, Tuesday November 16, Australian explorer Hamilton Hume discovered the Murray River the longest river in Australia.
1839, Saturday November 16, Birth of the artist and novelist William Frend de Morgan.
1869, Tuesday November 16, The Suez Canal which had taken ten years to build was formally opened.
1913, Sunday November 16, The first volume of Remembrance of Things Past the classic autobiographical novel by Marcel Proust was published in Paris.
1918, Saturday November 16, Hungary achieved independence from the Austro-Hungarian empire and was proclaimed a republic.
1920, Tuesday November 16, The Russian civil war ended with the victory of the Bolsheviks.
1965, Tuesday November 16, The USSR launched Venus III an unmanned spacecraft that successfully landed on Venus.
1993, Tuesday November 16, Amid the tears of its employees and sympathizers Vladimir Lenin’s mausoleum was closed by the Russian authorities. It was the first site in Moscow linked to Lenin to be shut down.
1996, Saturday November 16, The Hard Rock Cafe restaurant in Paris was closed by the authorities following the discovery there by French police of British beef after the EU had enacted a ban on British beef.17th1497, Friday November 17, Death of the Italian philosopher Pico della Mirandola.
1755, Monday November 17, Birth of Louis XVIII the King of France.
1800, Monday November 17, The American Congress met for the first time in Washington DC.
1917, Saturday November 17, Death of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin.
1922, Friday November 17, The last sultan of Turkey was deposed by Kemal Atatürk.
1922, Friday November 17, Siberia voted for union with the USSR.
1945, Saturday November 17, HJ Wilson of the RAF set a New world air speed record 606 mph (975 kph).
1959, Tuesday November 17, Death of the Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos.
1969, Monday November 17, American–Soviet talks on strategic arms limitation (SALT) opened in Helsinki.
1970, Tuesday November 17, The USSR’s Luna 17 landed on the Sea of Rains on the moon and released the first moonwalker vehicle.
1988, Thursday November 17, Benazir Bhutto was elected prime minister of Pakistan becoming the first female leader of a Muslim state.
1996, Sunday November 17, A Russian spacecraft bound for Mars crashed on Bolivian soil just one day after it was launched.18th1095, Wednesday November 18, Pope Urban II opened the Council of Clermont which launched the First Crusade.
1626, Saturday November 18, St Peter’s in Rome was consecrated.
1786, Saturday November 18, Birth of the German composer Carl von Weber.
1789, Thursday November 18, Birth of the French photographic pioneer Louis Daguerre.
1860, Sunday November 18, Birth of the Polish pianist composer and statesman Ignacy Padereweski.
1886, Thursday November 18, Death of the 21st American president Chester Alan Arthur.
1911, Saturday November 18, Britain’s first seaplane took off at Barrow in Furness.
1922, Saturday November 18, Death of the French author Marcel Proust.
1928, November 18, The first experimental sound cartoon Steamboat Willie starring Mickey Mouse was screened in the USA.
1962, Sunday November 18, Death of the Danish physicist Niels Henrik Bohr, one of the fathers of atomic physics.19th1493, Tuesday November 19, On his second voyage to the New World Columbus discovered Puerto Rico.
1665, November 19, Death of the French painter Nicolas Poussin.
1828, Wednesday November 19, Death of the Austrian composer Franz Schubert.
1917, Monday November 19, Birth of the Indian stateswoman Indira Gandhi.
1996, Tuesday November 19, A fire broke out in the Channel Tunnel injuring 34 people and interrupting the rail service.20th1759, Tuesday November 20, The British fleet under Admiral Hawke defeated the French at the Battle of Quiberon Bay thwarting an invasion of England.
1818, Friday November 20, Simón Bolívar known as ‘the Liberator’ declared Venezuela to be independent of Spain.
1889, Wednesday November 20, Birth of the American astronomer Edwin Powell Hubble.
1894, Tuesday November 20, Death of the Russian pianist and composer Anton Rubinstein.
1910, Sunday November 20, Death of the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy.
1917, Tuesday November 20, The Battle of Cambrai began in which the British deployed large numbers of tanks for the first time.
1945, Tuesday November 20, The Nuremberg trials of 24 chief Nazi war criminals by an international military tribunal began.
1975, Thursday November 20, Death of the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.
1980, Thursday November 20, The Solar Challenger was flown for the first time entirely under solar power.21st1694, Wednesday November 21, Birth of the French philosopher and writer Voltaire.
1783, Friday November 21, François de Rozier and the Marquis d’Arlandres made the first human flight when they lifted off from the Bois de Boulogne Paris in a hot-air balloon built by the Montgolfier brothers.
1916, Tuesday November 21, Death of the Emperor of Austria Franz Josef I.
1940, Thursday November 21, Birth of the Russian ballerina Natalia Makarova.
1974, Thursday November 21, In Birmingham 20 people were killed and 200 injured by IRA bomb explosions.
1990, Wednesday November 21, Leaders of NATO and Warsaw Pact member states signed the Charter of Paris and a treaty on conventional forces in Europe bringing an end to the Cold War.