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October Week 4

October Week 4
Posted on Jun 10, 2002 – 06:20 AM by Bill McCann

This page provides daily updates on past events and anniversaries during the Final week of October. The events included are those that either happened in London or had an effect, one way or another, on the lives of Londoners.

Daily updates on Events during the Final week
Below are the events and anniversaries for this week both about London and Londoners and Outside London.The archive for these pages has been arranged in a series of monthly Digests. To speed up navigation, these have been further divided into four weekly instalments. These pages are all comprehensively interlinked.Each Section has its own background page which provides additional and in-depth information about many of the events and people in the daily listings. They are intended to both amuse and inform and can be found at Gazette Briefings and Historical Anecdotes .Links to the anniversaries and events in the other weeks of the month are given in the following table whilst links to the other months of the year can be found at the bottom of the page.First WeekSecond WeekThird WeekLondon and Londoners22nd
1806, Wednesday October 22, Death of the furniture maker Thomas Sheraton.
1809, Sunday October 22, The Croydon Canal between Deptford and Croydon was opened. It required 25 locks within a short distance of each other in order to overcome the gradients of Forest Hill. Never a commercial success it closed in 1836 with the advent of the railway.
1850, Tuesday October 22, The church of St Mary West Brompton was consectrated. It was an integral part of the Boltons development which was undertaken by George Godwin Editor of the Builder..
1881, Saturday October 22, Tit-Bits was launched by George Newnes.
1910, Saturday October 22, Dr Hawley Crippen was found guilty of poisoning his wife and was sentenced to be hanged on 23 November.
1919, Wednesday October 22, Birth of the novelist Doris Lessing.
1938, Saturday October 22, Birth of the actor Derek Jacobi.
1975, Wednesday October 22, Death of the historian Arnold Joseph Toynbee.
1975, Wednesday October 22, The ‘Guildford Four’ were sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty of planting IRA bombs in pubs in Guildford and Woolwich. The convictions were quashed 14 years later.23rd
1247, Wednesday October 23, The bishop elect of Bethlehem travelled to England for the dedication ceremony of the priory of St Mary Bethlehem which had been founded by a sheriff of London Simon Fitzmary. The hospital attached to the priory was first recorded in 1329. It began to specialise in the treatment of the insane about 1403. This became the famous Bedlam. The site is presently occupied by Liverpool Street Station.
1731, Saturday October 23, Sir Robert Cotton’s vast library of ancient documents was house in Ashburnam House in Little Dean’s Yard at Westminster School. A fire broke out in the early hours of the morning and destroyed the building. Thanks to the prompt action of the Speaker of the House of Commons Arthur Onslow who was quickly on the scene most of the collection was saved for the nation. Of the 958 volumes only 114 were destroyed or damaged beyond repair.
1844, Wednesday October 23, Birth of the poet Robert Bridges.
1915, Saturday October 23, Death of the cricketer W G Grace.
1922, Monday October 23, Andrew Bonar Law took office as British prime minister. (He was replaced 22 May 1923 making his the shortest term of office in the twentieth century).
1987, Friday October 23, Former British champion jockey Lester Piggott was sentenced to three years in prison for tax evasion.24th
1537, Wednesday October 24, Death of the Jane Seymour third wife of Henry VIII.
1882, Tuesday October 24, Birth of the actress Sybil Thorndike.
1923, Wednesday October 24, Birth of the television presenter Robin Day.
1993, Sunday October 24, Death of the Scottish politician and writer Jo Grimond.
1996, Thursday October 24, In the journal Nature British scientists reported the strongest evidence yet connecting BSE to the fatal human brain ailment Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD).25th
1400, Monday October 25, Death of the poet Geoffrey Chaucer.
1760, Saturday October 25, The death of George II and the accession of his grandson as George III. George II suffered from severe constipation and died from a heart attack brought on by over-straining himself on the toilet.
1800, Saturday October 25, Birth of the historian and essayist Thomas Babington Macaulay.
1839, Friday October 25, Bradshaw’s Railway Guide the world’s first railway timetable was published.
1913, Saturday October 25, Death of the writer Frederick Rolfe.
1961, Wednesday October 25, The satirical magazine Private Eye was first published.26th
1623, Sunday October 26, At a Catholic service of Vespers in the house of the French Ambassador at Blackfriars the floor of the upper room into which 300 people had crowded collapsed killing ninety-four people and badly injuring many more. The Protestants immediately declared it an Act of God whils the Catholics were convinced that it was part of a Protestant plot.
1684, Sunday October 26, Powis House one of the principal houses in Lincoln’s Inn Fields was destroyed by fire. It was rebuilt but came into the possession of the Duke o Newcastle when the marquis of Powis went into exile with James II. It still survives as nos. 66-67 Lincoln’s Inn Fields.
1764, Friday October 26, Death of the artist and engraver William Hogarth.
1903, Monday October 26, The new Gaiety Theatre at the corner of the recently constructed Aldwych and the Strand was opened.
1930, Sunday October 26, Birth of the dramatist John Arden.
1973, Friday October 26, Death of the civil servant and alleged double agent Roger Hollis.27th
1662, Monday October 27, Charles II sold Dunkirk to Louis XIV of France for 2.5 million livres.
1728, Saturday October 27, Birth of the explorer Captain James Cook.
1804, Saturday October 27, Death of the painter George Morland.
1936, Tuesday October 27, Mrs Wallis Simpson was granted a divorce from her second husband leaving her free to marry Edward VIII.
1986, Monday October 27, The City of London experienced ‘Big Bang’ day due to the deregulation of the money market.28th
1704, Tuesday October 28, Death of the philosopher John Locke.
1792, Sunday October 28, Death of the civil engineer John Smeaton.
1831, Friday October 28, The chemist and physicist Michael Faraday demonstrated the first dynamo.
1880, Thursday October 28, The London Topographical Society held its inaugural meeting at the Mansion House.
1903, Wednesday October 28, Birth of the novelist Evelyn Waugh.
1909, Thursday October 28, Birth of the Irish painter Francis Bacon.
1971, Thursday October 28, The House of Commons voted to apply for EEC membership.28th
1618, Thursday October 29, Sir Walter Raleigh was executed in Old palace Yard. His head was taken by his widow who had it embalmed kept it in a glass case and his body was buried in front of the altar in St Margaret’s church Westminster.
1740, Wednesday October 29, Birth of the biographer and diarist James Boswell.
1877, Monday October 29, Birth of the cricketer Wilfred Rhodes.30th
1307, Monday October 30, Edward II wrote to Philip IV of France to say that he could not give “easy credence” to the charges against the Templars.
1485, Sunday October 30, The Yeomen of the Guard were established by Henry VII.
1485, Sunday October 30, The coronation of Henry VII at Westminster marked the end of the Wars of the Roses and the beginning of the Tudor dynasty.
1498, Tuesday October 30, The seven-year old Prince Henry visited the City and was presented with a pair of gilt goblets. Although he was not then heir to the throne (his brother Arthur was Prince of Wales) London was given a thorough cleaning before the visit. A proclamation required that all vagabonds and persons afflicted with the ‘great pox’ should leave the city.
1650, Wednesday October 30, ‘Quakers’ the more common name for the Society of Friends was coined during a court case when George Fox the founder told the magistrate to ‘quake and tremble at the word of God’.
1751, Saturday October 30, Birth of the Irish dramatist Richard Brinsley Sheridan.
1757, Sunday October 30, Death of admiral Edward Vernon.
1823, Thursday October 30, Death of the inventor Edmund Cartwright.
1841, Saturday October 30, A fire at the Bowyer tower in the Tower of London quickly spread. The building housing the Crown jewels was threatened but the only key was with the Lord Chancellor. A policeman forced the door and succeeded in saving almost everything.
1849, Tuesday October 30, The Coal Exchange on Lower Thames Street was opened by the Prince Consort. It was a masterpiece of cast iron and glass designed by the City Architect James Bunning. It was pulled down during the “improvements” of the 1960s.
1883, Tuesday October 30, A bomb planted by Fenian Dynamiters exploded on the Metropolitan railway line near Praed street. Two third class carriages were destroyed and 62 person injured.
1911, Monday October 30, The New Middlesex theatre of Varieties (later called the Winter Garden) was opened in Holborn.
1923, Tuesday October 30, Death of the statesman Andrew Bonar Law.
1925, Friday October 30, John Logie Baird made the first televised transmission of a moving object (a 15-year-old office boy).31st
1729, Friday October 31, The dramatist John Odell opened The Goodman’s Fields Theatre at a shop in Leman Street Stepney. However a sermon was soon after preached against it in the nearby St Botolph Aldgate and Odell sold it to his leading actor Henry Giffard who in 1741 introduced the young David Garrick to the London stage in a pantomime.
1795, Saturday October 31, Birth of the poet John Keats.
1828, Friday October 31, Birth of Joseph Wilson Swan inventor of the electric lamp.
1904, Monday October 31, Death of the comedian Dan Leno.
1940, Thursday October 31, The Battle of Britain ended.
1951, Wednesday October 31, The first Zebra pedestrian crossings came into effect across Britain.
1961, Tuesday October 31, Death of the painter Augustus John.
1971, Sunday October 31, An IRA bomb exploded at the top of the Post Office Tower.
1980, Friday October 31, Closure of the Evening News left London with just one evening newspaper.
1982, Sunday October 31, The Thames barrier was raised for the first time.
1994, Monday October 31, Death of the art historian John Pope-Hennessy.Outside London22nd
741, Sunday October 22, Death of the leader of the Franks Charles Martel.
1797, Sunday October 22, The first parachute jump was made by André-Jacques Garnerin from a balloon above the Parc Monceau Paris.
1811, Tuesday October 22, Birth of the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt.
1844, Tuesday October 22, Birth of the French actress Sarah Bernhardt.
1878, Tuesday October 22, The first floodlit rugby match took place Broughton v Swinton at Broughton Lancashire England.
1883, Monday October 22, New York’s Metropolitan Opera House opened.
1906, Monday October 22, Death of the French painter Paul Cézanne.
1909, Friday October 22, French aviatrix Elise Deroche became the first woman to make a solo flight.
1973, Monday October 22, Death of the Spanish cellist Pablo Casals.
1987, Thursday October 22, The first volume of the Gutenberg Bible was sold at auction in New York for $5.39m/£3.26m a record price for a printed book.23rd
42 BCE, Thursday October 23, Death of the Roman soldier Marcus Junius Brutus.
1601, Friday October 23, Death of the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe.
1642, Sunday October 23, The Battle of Edgehill. It was the first major engagement of the Civil War.
1921, Sunday October 23, Death of the Scottish inventor of the pneumatic rubber tyre John Boyd Dunlop.
1946, Wednesday October 23, The first meeting of the United Nations General Assembly took place in New York.
1948, Saturday October 23, Death of the Hungarian composer Franz Lehár.
1950, Monday October 23, Death of the American singer and actor Al Jolson.24th
1648, Tuesday October 24, The Treaty of Westphalia was signed ending the Thirty Years’ War in Europe.
1857, Saturday October 24, The first football club was formed by a group of Cambridge University Old Boys meeting in Sheffield.
1901, Thursday October 24, Mrs Ann Edson Taylor braved a descent over Niagara Falls in a padded barrel to help pay the mortgage.
1915, Sunday October 24, Birth of the Italian baritone Tito Gobbi.
1929, Thursday October 24, Share values on the Wall Street stock market New York fell heavily and began the slide to the ‘Crash’ a week later.
1945, Wednesday October 24, The United Nations charter came into force.25th
1415, Friday October 25, The English army led by King Henry V defeated the French at the Battle of Agincourt during the Hundred Years’ War.
1647, Monday October 25, Death of the Italian physicist and inventor of the barometer Evangelista Torricelli.
1825, Tuesday October 25, Birth of the Austrian composer Johann Strauss the Younger.
1838, Thursday October 25, Birth of the French composer Georges Bizet.
1854, Wednesday October 25, Lord Cardigan led the Charge of the Light Brigade during the Battle of Balaclava in the Crimean War.
1881, Tuesday October 25, Birth of the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.
1993, Monday October 25, Death of the American film actor Vincent Price.26th
1759, Friday October 26, Birth of the French revolutionary leader Georges Danton.
1860, Friday October 26, Italian unification leader Giuseppe Garibaldi proclaimed Victor Emmanuel King of Italy.
1879, Sunday October 26, Birth of the Russian Communist leader Leon Trotsky.
1881, Wednesday October 26, The legendary ‘Gunfight at the OK Corral’ took place at Tombstone Arizona.
1916, Thursday October 26, Birth of the French statesman François Mitterrand.
1919, Sunday October 26, Birth of the last Shah of Iran Mohammed Reza Pahlavi.
1929, Saturday October 26, T W Evans of Miami Florida became the first woman to give birth aboard an aircraft.27th
1505, Monday October 27, Death of the Tsar of Russia Ivan III (the Great).
1782, Sunday October 27, Birth of the Italian violinist and composer Niccoló Paganini.
1858, Wednesday October 27, Birth of the 26th American president Theodore Roosevelt.
1901, Sunday October 27, In Paris a ‘getaway car’ was used for the first time when thieves robbed a shop and sped away.
1905, Friday October 27, Birth of the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.28th
1886, Thursday October 28, The Statue of Liberty designed by Auguste Bartholdi was presented by France to the USA to mark the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.
1893, Saturday October 28, HMS Havelock the Royal Navy’s first destroyer went on trials.
1914, Wednesday October 28, George Eastman of Eastman Kodak Company announced the introduction of a colour photographic process.28th
1787, Monday October 29, Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni was first performed in Prague.
1863, Thursday October 29, The International Red Cross was founded by Swiss philanthropist Henri Dunant.
1929, Tuesday October 29, The Wall Street Crash known as ‘Black Tuesday’ took place leading to the Great Depression.30th
1735, Thursday October 30, Birth of the 2nd American president John Adams.
1885, Friday October 30, Birth of the American poet Ezra Pound.
1911, Monday October 30, P’u-Yi the boy emperor of China aged five granted a new constitution officially ending three centuries of Manchu domination over China.
1938, Sunday October 30, American actor Orson Welles’ radio production of The War of the Worlds by H G Wells caused panic in the USA.31st
1517, Saturday October 31, Martin Luther nailed his theses on indulgences to the church door at Wittenberg Germany.
1926, Sunday October 31, Death of the American escapologist Harry Houdini.
1984, Wednesday October 31, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by Sikh bodyguards.
1992, Saturday October 31, The Vatican formally rehabilitated Galileo Galilei forced by the Inquisition in 1633 to recant his assertion that the Earth orbits the Sun.
1993, Sunday October 31, Death of the American film actor River Phoenix.