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The Queen’s Physik II (Index)

The publication, for profit, of intimate details of the British Royal Family by their former servants is at least 350 years old. What may be the first example of this exploitation of “insider knowledge,” was published in 1658 by a former servant of Henrietta Maria, Queen Consort to Charles I. The book details the “Receipts” – recipes for medicinal cures and favourite foods of the Royal Family – contained in the Queen’s Closet. Some of the medicinal recipes are quackery indeed, and all the more interesting for that. In this serialisation, the spelling has been modernised to aid comprehension but the habit of always capitalising proper nouns has bee retained to add ‘flavour’ to the text. Our next instalment consists of a list of all of those who wrote or prescribed the remedies. They include the monarchs, Mary I, Edward VI, Elizabeth I, Charles I, courtiers such as Walter Raleigh and Francis bacon and a host of doctors, gentlemen and ladies of the court.Title Page of The Queen's Physik

The Prescribers, and Approvers of most of these rare Receipts, their following names are in several Pages of this Book inserted and annexed to their own experienced Receipts.

The Approvers Names
King Edward the sixthQueen Elizabeth
King Charles the firstQueen Mary
Lady Elizabeth, daughter to King Charles the firstDr. Mayhern Physician to the late King
Dr. BatesDr. King
Dr. MountfordDr. Forster
Dr. MoreDr. Butler
Dr. Bassa an ItalianDr. Adrian Gilbert,Second entry
Dr. AtkinsonDr. Goffe
Dr. StephensDr. Price
Dr. ReadDr. May
Dr. BlacksmithDr. Brasdale
Dr. FrierDr. Atkins
Dr. GiffordDr. Twine
Dr. WetherbornDr. Lewkener
Dr. EglestoneDr. Soper
Mr. Stepkins occulistMr. Fenton Chyrur
Mr. Francis Cox ChyrurMr. Lumley Chyrur
Mr.Thomas Potter ChyrurMr. Phillips Apothecary
B. Laud Arch-Bishop of CanterburyBishop of Worcester
Earl of Arundel CC.Lord Treasurer
Lord bacon Vic. of St. AlbansLord Vic. Conway CC
Lord SpencerLord Sheffield
Sir Walter RaleighSir Thomas Mayner
Sir Edward TerrelSir Edward Bolstward
Sir Edward SpencerSir Kenelm Digby
Mr. Justice HuttonCountess of Arundel
Countess of WorcesterCountess of Oxford
Countess of KentCountess of Rutland CC
Lady MonteagleLady Abergany CC.
Lady NovelLady Spotswood
Lady Drurylady Gifford
Lady HobbyLady Leonard
Lady SmithLady Goring
Lady MildmayLady Bray
Lady DacresLady Thornborough
Lady MalletMrs. Duke
Mrs. CovetMrs. Lee CC.
Mrs. PowellMrs. Jones
Mrs. ChaunceMrs. Shelley CC.
Mr. Edward HoughtonMr. Lucarello
Mr. EldertonMr. Rodstone CC.
Mr. Ferene the Queen’s Perfumer