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This Day in London

This Day in London
Posted on Jun 12, 2002 – 08:16 AM by Bill McCann

This page provides a daily update on past events and anniversaries, great and small, from London’s past. It takes the form of a Gazette whose reporters include the likes of Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn. If you want to explore the daily life of Londoners through the ages, this is the place to do it.

A Daily Record of Events in London’s History
Below are the daily events and anniversaries, great and small, from London’s past recorded by the Londoners themselves. This takes the form of a Gazette for which we have assembled a large staff of reporters, some of whom are well known diarists who have been informing and amusing the world for many years. The Gazette archive has been arranged in a series of monthly Digests each of which is further arranged into in four weekly instalments. Additional background information to some of the entries has been collected in our Gazette Briefings. These are fully indexed in the main Digests and will be found to both inform and amuse. A table of links to the twelve monthly Digests is given at the bottom of this page. Links to the weekly instalments will be found in each Digest.News Staff
Senior Reporter: Henry MachynStaff Reporters: John Chamberlain and John EvelynSpecialist Reporters: The Gentleman, The Builder, and The Newgate ChroniclerSpecial Correspondent: Samuel PepysOur Local Correspondents: Reporters in the London BoroughsOur Own Chronicler: Reporting important past Local and National eventsOur Own Correspondent: Our roving cub reporterStaff Correspondents: Reporting on the Arts, Politics, Social Affairs, Religious Affairs etc. etc.